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Our web lab.

These are our internal tools and experimental applications. Always a work in progress.

Our AI projects

accessible tables

Video Summarizer

Use AI to instantly summarize video into its most important fragments. Saves time and effort by automating the transcription process. Provides a comprehensive and accurate transcription of the video content. Makes it easy to navigate and follow along with the video content

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accessible tables


Make All Tables Accessible in One Click! Works in all HTML tables, captioning takes 2 seconds. Free to use. Forever.

Easily create useful and informative table captions hassle-free, quickly customize settings, and get up and running in no time. Turn complex data into meaningful and descriptive table captions for better insight and decision-making.

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accessible tables

AI Data Dashboard

Use ChatGPT to create Data Visualizations using prompts and custom datasets.
Set up your API Key from Open AI. Upload your CSV dataset. DataDashboard will automatically visualize your data using ChatGTP.

You will find the prompt model used to make the #dataviz along with the javascript code provided to export it directly into your project.

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Document Redactor

Document Redactor

Say hello to our newest creation: the Document Redactor! It’s a free online tool for PDF editing and entity recognition.

Upload your file and start editing your document. Up to 21 different entities can be recognized automatically. You can edit, delete, and add more items as you need, then download the file or send it to your email!

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PrompTree is an exploration around the UI of ChatGPT, we are combining their UI with concepts from git. Like the commit history, merging, branching, forking, etc.

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Our dev tools


LayoutIt! allows users to create their frontend code simple and quickly.

We developed this as an internal project aiming to speed development time and was launched in 2013 for free. It’s currently used by more than 5000 unique users daily, with more than 200,000 users registered.

LayoutIt! has been featured and reviewed by thousand of blogs and tech news providing an excellent free alternative to other paid services that aim to solve a similar problem.

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My Lenio

Remote Management made easy.
My Lenio is the proper way to manage all of your teams, in one place.
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Processes and organizational consulting Leveraging Leniolabs' own experience in self-organizing a fast-growing, flat organization, we can help your own organization to face chaos or simply to meet a compliance goal. Focused on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), we rely on MyLenio, the SaaS platform we built to solve our own procedural problems. We strongly believe it can help your organization as well!

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Rest Gis

The map you want, the way you need it.
A simple API that provides geographic data for any location in the world, with support for GeoJSON, TopoJSON and SVG. Use REST GIS to search for a place and instantly get its geometry collection.

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Design System Builder

A design system builder based on Material UI that lets you customize the theme and tooling, and then download the project to quickly start building your components library.

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Data Research

Exploring complex data visualizations from wordwide trending topics!
The Lenio_ Research Team creates beautiful interactive visualizations merging new technologies, design, and data possibilities.

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Charrrts is a new tool in development that lets you create dashboards based on processed data uploaded to the application. It aims to become an all-in-one data visualization solution.

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DuoJam - C. Pisarello, Y. Scarbaci, M. Echavarría, J. C. Fortunatti, L. Moll, F. Ramírez, S. Vallejo, J. A. Sulbaran, I. López, J. Hernández, M. Beldi, F. Grassi, I. Domínguez

Duo Jam is a game about duality and self cooperation. Help those little jams escape the dungeon halls!

Technologies: react,, matterjs, node, svg

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Deepest Ocean

Deepest Ocean - Juan Cruz Fortunatti, Luciano Sejudo, Mariana Beldi, Alfonso Concha

Deepest Ocean takes you on a journey to discover the wonders that the ocean hides. In this game you'll be assigned 3 random creatures to find in the ocean. Choose a room to play with your friends (max. 5). Choose what part of the ship you want to drive and start the adventure!

Technologies: react,, matterjs, node, svg

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Lenimatic - Agustín Capeletto, Mariana Beldi, Juan Cruz Fortunatti

Leni is our official mascot at Leniolabs. Was born as a slack bot to do internal communications and ended up being part of the team. Due to the demand of new emojis for slack, we created this online leni generator. Now anyone can build their own lenis!

Technologies: vuejs, svg

Lunar Landing

Lunar Landing - Juan Pablo Nazar

Classic game "Lunar Landing" made in p5.js this time with Leni and her spaceship. She tries to land it softly on its base for a better score, without letting the fuel run out.

Technologies: react, p5.js

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Quien Habla

Quien habla - Francisco Laborda, Martín Collazo

It is an "io" style game, where the objective is to guess in the shortest possible time the voices of famous people that are sounding. Voices can be restricted within certain categories.

Technologies:, svelte/sapper

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Leni Race

Leni Race - Juan Cruz Fortunatti

Join with your friends and play the space race with Leni. Collect the boosters to speed up your spaceship and win the first place!

Technologies: node, react, matterjs,

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