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What can we do for you?

If you are experiencing any challenge with frontend, we are here to help you.

Nearshoring - Frontend Team Augmentation

Need extra capacity for your development team?

Leniolabs remote engineers seamlessly integrate with your team and help you increase your development capacity ensuring timely delivery on projects of any size. Our engineers and designers work together with your team to help you achieve your goals.

Leniolabs provides its team augmentation service in Nearshoring mode focusing on seamless integration and communication thanks to the time zone alignment. Leniolabs will work together with your people as one team.

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Product Development

Our engineers and designers can help you bring your product to life.

For any stage of your product development, we have a solid team with experience on the latest web technologies available, from Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Service Workers to Node.js and complex databases. We have also created custom solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Discover more about our projects

Whether you are a consolidated company or a startup just testing the waters we can build anything to fit your needs!

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Data Projects

We combine the powers of data science, frontend technologies and user experience design to develop detailed dashboards for top companies in the Silicon Valley area. We have a diverse and experienced team of developers and designers that will take your data visualization efforts to the next level.

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Design Systems

Scale your applications with structure and meaning. We can help you build a Design System for a more consistent product development and an exceptional user experience.

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Framework Migration

Migrating from an old JS framework to React, Angular or Vue.js requires a good planification. We believe that our experience migrating big enterprise applications can help you make the best decisions.

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Our client's data and code security is our top-priority and we enforce the latest security standards to ensure enterprise grade protection of your information.

If you already have a remote working infrastructure in place, Leniolabs devs can easily integrate with it or we can provide different alternatives to make the integration smooth and secure.


We work with all of the main frontend javascript stacks:
React, Angular, AngularJS, Vue, D3js.

And we love to continuously explore new technologies and JS frameworks.

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Most of our clients have questions about how can we work together. We understand that some degree of uncertainty is always present when evaluating new providers. We will do our best to try and solve the questions we receive. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional inquires!

From what countries do you provide your Team Augmentation services?

Leniolabs is an US based LLC with strong presence on South America. From there we work with major U.S. enterprises from the bay area or the East Coast. However, we can also serve Europe clients from our base in Spain.

Do you have a process and policy for NDAs?

Leniolabs is a US based company so from the legal point of view your company will be protected as if working with a local, US based partner.  All our employees and partners are bound to client contracts trough NDAs and contracts under the USA law, usually under the form of a Master Service Agreement followed by one or several Statement Of Work. 

What processes and policies do you have in place to insure the security and integrity of client data while with developers or on your own systems?

We enforce a need-to-know information/data access policy to minimize security risks. From a technical point of view, all employees are properly trained on information security and work on safe, centrally managed workstations as well as from secure, protected networks that are monitored by our internal IT staff. We are preparing our SOC2 audit, so SOC principles are followed internally. Even more, we have developed a former internal platform for this reason and this platform is right now being commercialized to external parties: MyLenio

Do you have a process or policy for Non-Compete clauses?

It is not unusual for our clients to include a non-compete clause on the Master Service Agreement (MSA) we will sign before actually starting our collaboration. You can always enforce them through standard US law since Leniolabs is established in the US and responds to US legislation.

Do you have a process or policy for conversion of temp/contract workers to full time employees?

Sometimes our clients recognize the high value of the Leniolabs team working on his product/project and they consider converting them to their full time employees. As a general rule, our Master Service Agreement (MSA) includes a non-solicitation clause that blocks this kind of offers.
However, we understand that every situation is different and non-solicitation can be broken if a mutual agreement is reached.

What is your minimum and maximum contract length for a developer?

In order to guarantee a stable and successful team, we usually have a minimum contract period of 3 months from the team setup. However, we usually include a clause where in case the team is not meeting the expectations, clients have a 3 weeks period to let us know and we will take care of solving any issue arisen. Of course, we will not charge you for those 3 weeks.

Do you find additional developers as needed, or only offer candidates from your existing talent pool?

Developers are provided as needed. In case we don't have the perfect fit within our current employees, we’ll proceed with a scouting process where you can be involved having a personal interview with each candidate (usually on the final steps of the process). We conduct three interviews on each candidate: personal interview, language skills interview and technical interview. We focus on finding people who meet three criteria: Strong communication, solid technical skills and understanding on development methodologies. Top quality team is our goal and the reason behind our success.
See more about our expectation for a candidate on our jobs page.

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