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We're based in Argentina, Chile, Spain and the USA. Our hiring is not only limited to these countries, we have opportunities in Colombia, Venezuela and Uruguay. We work with large clients collaborating in the software development of their products, joining their teams, creating structure and working closely with them.

We value developers who are dynamic in learning new technologies to use in projects. We work with distributed teams, remotely and collaboratively, using tools like Slack, Zoom, HO and Jira.

We're a company in constant movement, with a great organizational culture and a great work environment. We're committed to all areas of the company in order to offer competitive salaries, growth, learning opportunities, good projects and spaces for innovation.

Some of our benefits:

👉🏾 To apply, it is important that you have a high level of oral and written English.

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Leniolabs_ LLC
7901 4TH St N SUITE 300,
St Petersburg, 33702

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