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Open Source.

Giving back to the community β™₯

Supporting OS software and communities

Open source software is at the core of the work we do for our clients and powers our own products. Engaging with the open source ecosystem by contributing to external projects, opening our own tools, and sponsoring the maintainers that enable us is an important part of our culture through our Organization in Open Collective and Github.

Collaborating with Open Source Projects

As part of our efforts to push our team to always keep learning, we support an internal gild of team members that are passionate about participating in Open Source projects.

Tinkering in OS code is one of the best ways to improve your skills. You'll learn about good coding practices, new patterns, used libraries, project setup, and you'll level up your communication game in PRs discussions with skillful maintainers.

Our team members have opened PRs in several open source projects like svg-loaders-react, next-styles, PptxGenJS, mui-datatables, Excalidraw, Vite, vue-next, VitePress, VueUse, Rollup Plugins,, Three.js and created personal projects like react-stories, vite-rollup-plugins between others.

Leniolabs Open Source Projects

We also open source where possible the tools that our team is building. Last year we open sourced Layouit Grid and the response in the community has been amazing. The Layoutit Grid Repo has more than 600 stars and more than 20 collaborators.

Our research team also works in the open, and releases the code for the data visualizations in our Research umbrella project.

We are about to open source Data Viz, a new open web tool that we are excited to share.

Sponsorships, Giving back to the Community

In 2021, we started an ongoing series of sponsorships to give back to the open source maintainers that are building our toolbox. Open source sustainability is fundamental for the long term health of the web.

sponsors since January 4, 2021


In 2021 we want to start supporting the Open Source maintainers that our team appreciates ✨

Starting with @antfu7, @vuejs Core Team Member, maintainer of several libs like VueUse, which helps us craft πŸ› οΈ

Thanks a lot πŸ’š

one time donation January 18, 2021


Another step towards supporting Open Source projects we love 🧑

We just donated to styled-components πŸ’…

Thanks @mxstbr @glenmaddern @probablyup et al for crafting such a wonderful library
And also thanks to @opencollect for helping make OS sustainable

sponsors since February 1, 2021


We continue our journey to give back to Open Source maintainers that help us in our craft β™₯️

Today we started sponsoring @excalidraw in @opencollect

Thanks @aakansha1216 @dluzar @Lipis @Vjeux and all other 138 contributors! 🀯
You're an inspiration πŸ™Œ

one time donation February 22, 2021


We just donated to @igalia's :focus-visible for @webkit Open Prioritization project through @opencollect

Their work is fundamental for a healthy web πŸ’š

Check out Igalia Chats, the last with @briankardell, @piamancini, @jorydotcom

sponsors since March 15, 2021


We started sponsoring @dai_shi. Thanks for pushing the React state management space forward! πŸ™Œ

Check out, and his groundwork with useContextSelector πŸ› οΈ

Shout-out to the @pmndrs collective for the innovation that is fostering

sponsors since March 29, 2021


Today we started sponsoring @bluebill1049's React @HookForm in @opencollect

We are using in several projects. Lightweight, performant, and great DX 🌟

Thanks a lot for your work!

sponsors since April 19th 2021


Today we start sponsoring @lukeed05 πŸ’š

So many libraries we are grateful for: clsx, sirv, httpie, uuid, klona... If you need a lightweight and efficient library to replace an old dependency, there is a big chance that Luke has you covered

one time donation July 2, 2021


Congrats @_FundOSS for the success of the first democratic funding campaign, almost 100k for OS projects! A great initiative to make the web commons more sustainable πŸ’œ

We just donated to the matching pool in @opencollect looking forward to the next round!

sponsors since July 26, 2021


Today we started sponsoring johnsoncodehk πŸ’š
He is working to improve the @vuejs DX and making big strides. Check out Volar to level up your IDE experience with Vue3

If you care about Vue tooling, consider sponsoring him too

sponsors since August 6, 2021


Today we start sponsoring @TauriApps πŸ’œ

They're creating a toolkit to build smaller, faster, and secure desktop apps with a web frontend. Learn more at

If you believe in their mission, consider sponsoring them too on @opencollect

sponsors since November 10, 2021


Today we start sponsoring @pnpmjs on @opencollect @ZoltanKochan is building a fast and efficient package manager, with a lot of care in DX. We've been using it in some projects, and we think it's a solid option moving forward: πŸ’›

sponsors since Januart 14, 2022


We started sponsoring @patak_dev, core team member of @vite_js and @vitest_dev. He is responsible for our OS Guild, a maintainer, and is always trying to help others in the Vite ecosystem✨
And one of our most inspirational & loved people at @Leniolabs_ πŸ’š

sponsors since June 1, 2022


We are proud sponsors of Goncy πŸ’š
Developer and content creator, Gonzalo Pozzo is a highly influential developer who has cultivated a thriving community of devs, inspiring and empowering individuals to acquire coding skills and secure their first job in the tech industry.

Find him and join the community at YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Discord

How can you help?

At Leniolabs we believe in the power of community. Everyday we are getting more engage in making more inclusive learning tools for the web.

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For every new project we gain, we choose a new project to sponsor. You can choose who would you like us to support. Get in touch.

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