In these past years I have experienced a big shift in my career, as I transitioned from a developer writing code for startups to a managerial/architectural role for enterprise applications. The main difference between both is mainly the number of people working together: an enterprise application has 4 or 5 teams between 2 to 5 people collaborating on the same project.

The inspiration for this article was a post on Hacker News titled “I Almost Got Fired for Choosing React in Our Enterprise App”. My comment got a fair amount of attention, so I decided to describe some of the most common pitfalls when working on a big enterprise project. Over the years I have made a lot of mistakes and I have tried to learn the most from them. That being said, don’t take me very seriously, as I am always about to discover a new mistake I missed.

The problem with enterprise is not about the framework (react / angular / vuejs / jquery / vanilla / web_components), the problem is how to align big team to create a cohesive application. If a big team is going to be working on it you need some strong opinions around it. Below you can find five basic tips that may be helpful for you in the same situation:

Hope these small tips help one or two teams out there. I have worked on the migration of 5 big enterprise applications from angularjs to react or from legacy desktop application to react or from server pages to react.