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How data viz can help you grow wisely

At Leniolabs we combine the powers of data science, frontend technologies and user experience design to develop detailed dashboards for top companies in the Silicon Valley area. We have a diverse and experienced team of developers and designers that will take your data visualization efforts to the next level. In short: we will help you find the best implementation for the realities of your business.

Making business decisions without relying on data is a wasted opportunity at best, and a long term curse at worst. In the last few years, alongside the Big Data revolution, a new approach for analytics has emerged by blending UX design and data science for insightful visualizations. As a starting point, we can think of data viz as a way of converting raw information into a graphical format (which takes many shapes). The end goal is to show logical connections between data points and to understand patterns behind datasets. This is how data visualization can add value to your company: you'll uncover hidden insights, quickly take action and then plan ahead.

Uncover insights

The truths behind your data are not always self-apparent. At Leniolabs we employ an iterative approach to make the information find its voice and speak for itself. We dive into your datasets to understand the intricancies of your business, and then propose the best way to graphically represent the information, striking a balance between design, UX and data density. In this way, data viz can become a driving force of the growth of your company.

Take action

Data visualization is not just about pretty graphics: it can be a powerful tool for tracking the performance of critical processes in the organization. It allows you to take corrective measures with solid arguments, and it creates a virtuous circle as you identify the areas which need improvement and act on them accordingly. As a whole, data visualization plays a big role in Business Intelligence; in practice, the data viz approach can be used to find overhead and implement cost saving measures.

Plan ahead

Data viz dashboards enable monitoring for a multitude of dimensions, and as such are a great way of studying the field in the strategic planning phases. The addition of the time dimension in the form of trend charts allows you to identify patterns in the data that would be impossible to see otherwise. As a planning tool, dashboards can also be an invaluable tool for privacy and PII compliance, which are becoming a requirement for many markets.

Reactjs, Angular, Vue, D3js are among the frontend technologies our team can help you with

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