Currently, in the systems environment, everything moves quickly. Those of us who work and collaborate in a company might have the perception that the time spent in a certain project or place will be very limited. So how do we achieve a sense of belonging in such a changing context? Is this possible to achieve it?

From my experience, there are a few ingredients that can help build a culture in which employees feel they belong.

When you land in a new company, no matter how trainee or senior you might be, the first few days can make a difference. Some authors have analyzed that it is during the first few weeks that people decide whether they are going to stay or leave a company. Feeling welcomed is essential! If you want to have a long-term relationship and not just a summer affair.

From day one at Leniolabs, I felt on board and it was the small details that helped me navigate through this period. Even those that might go unnoticed and not be relevant to others (of course, we are all different).

The reason why Lenio’s culture is so strong is because it is created by everyone, we are all part of this identity and values. It may sound simple, and in fact it is. In virtuality we manage to share daily aspects of our lives that have nothing to do with work (or do they?). For example, introducing the new member of the family, the tricks of our pets, or that favorite playlist. It’s these simple and everyday things that bring us closer, exactly what makes us smile!

Design by Paloma Olivera and Francisco Vaccaro

So the first ingredient in this recipe, is to provide the necessary spaces to share interests. Being able to smile with others makes virtuality vanish, sharing things in common with others always brings us closer.

It is essential that each new member who joins this trip feels welcomed from the first day, that they feel how important they really are to us, and that we are totally open and genuinely willing to meet them. Not only because it is nice to say it, but because we practice it and live that way.

The second ingredient (and not only because I’m a super fan) “with great power comes great responsibility”, I really believe in this phrase :). We are flexible and responsible, I don’t want to write this in stone since for each one it can represent something different. I am only going to share my opinion about what this represents from my point of view and the experience in the projects I currently collaborate on or had the pleasure of collaborating on in the not too distant past.

Flexibility always brings up responsibility since we will always have goals that we must achieve. However, personally, this flexibility helped me to get to to know myself, identify my productive hours, and to be able to take advantage of them. It also helped me get organized to carry out my work better and through this, I managed to achieve professional and personal balance, becoming more productive! I am not haunted by the ghost of what is pending or the feeling that I have not managed to do something in the most convenient way. I like to think that flexibility generates a kind of self-sustaining responsibility.

Creating spaces to share day-to-day life and providing flexibility are the most relevant tips to me personally. They create a base on which you can build and contribute to a healthier and more genuine place. This freedom generated through flexibility, commitment, and the sense of belonging in the spaces we share, are in my opinion the recipe for give rise to more lasting relationships.

Design by Paloma Olivera and Francisco Vaccaro