is the so called “event for nerds from nerds”: it is a place where IT professionals, college grads, and students meet in a common ground to work, collaborate, share and learn surrounded by friends (and sometimes family).

The talks and workshops covered topics such as applied neuronal networks, pottery fragment identification, home automation with Kubernetes, and much more. There even was a talk on how to properly implement TDD to the history of the moon exploration, plus a lot of discussion about typescript, docker and AI.

Despite the grey weather, the venue was crowded with people eager to learn, share and connect. The booths had beautiful designs to attract people and Leniolabs was not the exception: we had banners, t-shirts, quizzes and merchandising showing all the creativity of the company. On the last day, under a shining sun, the open areas and patio were full with bright people playing, relaxing, and having fun.

The event was also a platform for companies of all sizes to showcase what they do. In this lake the big fish like IBM, Cognizant, Endava, RedHat do not eat the smaller ones. Actually, the small fish are fighting back and driving innovation, cultural changes, transforming how to do business in IT, moving fast, reinventing themselves, and make no mistake: Leniolabs is up to the challenge, supported by an awesome team.

The Leniolabs team worked in a united front to display the terrific work done daily and to show part of the culture of the company and its core values like transparency, professionalism, honesty, diversity. To put it in a nutshell: awesomeness!


Testimonies from the Lenio team

Nerdearla was my first meetup related to the IT world. The quizzes, challenges and talks were very interesting and gave me a lot of perspective about this industry. I would like to highlight two talks in particular: “Trabajar en equipo: el desafío técnico y humano”: The lecturer talked, among other things, about the benefits of diversity in teamwork and how the different backgrounds of the members of a team enrich the process, and how that translates into quality of the final product. “Diagnosing bad TDD habits with Dr.TDD”: This talk was a little bit abstract due to the lack of context in the software that the lecturer was using. Despite that, something that was really interesting was the naming convention that he was using for the tests and their dependencies / previous steps (given, when, then), which clearly helps to test the initial conditions through coupling.
Juan Cruz Fortunatti

Nerdearla was an amazing opportunity to realize that you don’t need to be in a huge company to work on state-of-the-art tech. Small companies are attracting the attention of the talent, putting together high-performing teams, capable of changing the industry by doing an amazing work.
Emilio Villagran

Thanks to constant support from Leniolabs to grow and learn, I had the chance to attend the event, in which I got to know other fellow co-workers from the company, connect and put a face with the names. We all had the opportunity to see what is happening in the industry, learn about technology, about other players in the market, what’s in and what’s fading out. We also had lots of fun in the relax area playing metegol, a.k.a fubolito!
Sergio Fermanelli