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How to expand your teams with seamless integration

The first question that probably comes to mind is... What the h... is nearshoring team augmentation? I will try to quickly elaborate. First, let me check if you have ever experienced any of these problems: you have great difficulties (especially in the US) to get the technical talent you need. It is worse on the frontend because it keeps changing every year. When you find the talent it is super expensive. And you have a lot of open positions you can't fill. But you have to deliver. If my description is accurate you should keep reading. And, If your problem is exacerbated with frontend technologies you must keep reading: React, Angular, Vue, AngularJs...

Reactjs, Angular, Vue, D3js are among the frontend technologies our team can help you with

The first solution to this problem is to work with offshore teams. But offshore teams come with a great challenge because of the time zone gap.

You send an email today, they read it in the morning, we coordinate for tomorrow evening, someone has a follow-up question next day...

The lack of synchronous communication makes the work difficult and inefficient. Here it is comes a solution for you: nearshoring. From South America we can colaborate sharing a similar time zones with North America.

With us you will have a solution for your frontend team. Same daily meeting, same planning meeting, same war room meeting! Reaching the best talent in South America, without the burden of the time zone gap.

Offices in America

The second solution here is we are focused on frontend technologies. Check out our, it’s the best and most popular CSS grid tool out there. More? You can visit our lab and find out more but I want to mention a couple of things: our teams have 2 training sessions every week on frontend technologies (check out our blog), we invite international speakers to talk about js frameworks, data visualization, reusable components, and design systems. We are really technical people, and you are hearing this from me, the developer and parthner at Leniolabs.

Our clients

One last thing before we finish: we also understand that an effective collaboration is not only about technical skills. Having good communication skills and understanding the methodologies is as important as the technical competences. Understanding agile methodologies, knowing the difference between Scrum and Kanban models, and applying the one that is right for your team, is the kind of input you can expect from us.

After all, we understand that technology is not a goal per se, but that technology is a means to achieve your business goals to make your company grow.

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